The Solution

AVAprotestwebsiteChicago should legalize more street vendors!

On May 20, 2015, Alderman Maldonado introduced an ordinance that allows vendors to sell a wide variety of foods from carts and bicycles if the food is prepared and packaged safely in a licensed kitchen.  This ordinance would allow these small businesses to thrive while ensuring the health and safety of the food being served. Once legal, these small businesses could feed Chicagoans on the go, patronize local groceries, suppliers, and farmers, and attract tourists looking to experience authentic Chicago cuisine.

We’re working to mobilize grassroots support from individuals and organizations to push this ordinance through City Council, and to develop affordable solutions for carts, kitchens, and commissaries for vendors.

Click on the materials below to learn more about the SVJC and our efforts to reform Chicago’s food cart laws.

Our Ordinance

What the new ordinance will mean for vendors

Que significa esta ordenanza para los vendedores

Additional Policy Proposals



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